Things I would like to see added in the next version of the images.

* Add your comments/software/bugfix/featurerequests here, I'll also use it as a scratch pad for ideas. See also KnownIssuesCurrentImageRelease.

It may be worth installing TivoWebPlus 2.0 as the default for new installs. Several of us have been using this flawlessly on 1.6.2 for some time - very nice!

-- MartynNash - 09 Oct 2007

Agreed, though not all modules from TWP 1.3.1 are available for 2.0 and there are a few painful bugs. But should be ok by the time we make the next iso.

PetesTrash - 02 Nov 2007

When configuring the modem during the CD imaging process, the Emulator for New Zealand has a default port of 80. This no longer works, so could this be changed to port 8000?

-- BrainStain - 22 Aug 2007

OK -- PetesTrash - 02 Sep 2007

Adding a few more postcodes to '/etc/postcodezones' would be great to prevent clock warping. 02120 Pacific/Auckland
02121 Pacific/Auckland
02122 Pacific/Auckland
02123 Pacific/Auckland
02124 Pacific/Auckland
02125 Pacific/Auckland
I think there may be more - the complete list of NZ postcodes is at

-- BrainStain - 22 Aug 2007

Postcodes are used by the emulator to assign headends, so here in Aust we only use 8 postcodes (1 for each state) to cover the whole country. The only postcodes that need to be added to postcodezones are the ones which have been set on the NZ emulator.

-- PetesTrash - 02 Sep 2007

We will add all currently used NZ & SA postcodes into the next image.

-- PetesTrash - 04 Jun 2008

Ignore if this is too picky. I get the feeling the emulator IP address in tclient.conf is not used - instead it is read from oztivo.conf? If this is the case, could the default tclient.conf include a comment line to this effect? It would really help people editing by hand. I guess nic_config_tivo would also have to create/retain this comment line. For that matter, I hear a murmur that ISP username and password are now longer read from tclient.conf either (may have been referring to an old version)? If so, expand my suggestion to include them too.

-- BrainStain - 22 Aug 2007

OK -- PetesTrash - 02 Sep 2007

Amend the show IP routine to also show the time of boot in the message subject ie was "IP Addresses", would like "IP Addresses 20:12". This is already included in the details, but would be nice to show in the subject line.

-- PetesTrash - 19 Jul 2007

In the installer, calculate the default swap partition size from the total disk storage (1 Mby swap per 2 Gby total), instead of always defaulting to 127 MBy. (Not essential - just improving the chances of everything working properly.) -- RolloRoss - 1 Feb 2007

I will think about just defaulting to 511mb. I can't think of any negative issues, apart from wasting a couple of hundred megabytes. -- PetesTrash - 10 Feb 2007

Add my fixed LongOpen.mpv to the next image to fix the opening animation.

  • The last page of the Guided Setup mentions that there is an issue with the sound breaking up and that this is normal. So if you fix the opening animation, remove this reference from the Guided Setup text. -- AndrewRoughan - 03 Jun 2007

-- PetesTrash - 03 Dec 2006

Change to a newer version of Knoppix, to avoid the VIA IDE chip DMA issues, or offer a "nodma" boot option similar to Mfstools boot. This should avoid the "no networking" issues reported with faster machines/disks (see entry in KnownIssuesCurrentImageRelease). -- IndulisBernsteins - 01 Jul 2007

Maybe a later version of the kernel on the boot CD, so as to support installation on newer hardware? See: -- NickJ - 22 Feb 2006

Already working on this and USB-IDE support for newer PC's

-- PetesTrash - 04 Jun 2008

I guess it might be worth running through this wishlist forum thread to see if any of the ideas presented are worthy of adding to the next version?

Everything below here has already been finalized (i.e. either done, or won't do)

(If not already done?) could we make the modem connect to ISPs using PAP by default? Only some ISPs support text-only, but I think all ISPs support PAP. More info [ here] or [ here].

-- BrainStain - 22 Aug 2007

I won't make this change unless current Australian users can verify PAP work's for them here. This seems to be problem in NZ only.

-- PetesTrash - 02 Sep 2007

The distributed version of madplay (0.14.1 beta) for TiVo is rather out of date. There are more configurable sample rates and resampling options in the more recent version:

Needs to be cross-compiled for TiVo (I don't have the cross-compiler set up - yet...)

-- MartynNash - 19 Oct 2007

We would prefer not to add any more hacks that are not directly related to regular TiVo usage to the standard package.

-- PetesTrash - 04 Jun 2008

More of a feature request - I'll let you guys decide if it should happen or not... But you may want to consider adding in DailyMail (

-- AlanIsherwood - 04 Jan 2007

It was decided not include it as part of the standard package.

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

I suggest changing fixtivotime from quiet ntpdate to verbose. This way we can see from the logs where things have failed during daylight savings changeover.

Was: #!/bin/sh touch /var/timestamp ntpdate -q -b /tvbin/settime -rtc > /dev/null & exit 0

Should be: #!/bin/sh touch /var/timestamp ntpdate -v -b /tvbin/settime -rtc > /dev/null & exit 0

-- PetesTrash - 03 Dec 2006


-- PetesTrash - 23 Mar 2007

Add extra 'spare' postcodes in postcodezones file to enable new headends to be created without the need for editing postcodezones as new headends are generated. The reason for this is that if new headends are created after the image is released there will be no entries for the new codes in postcodezones file if, however, some 'spare' codes were added to postcodezones and included in the next image the requirement for the postcodezone file to be edited upon creation of new headends would be removed. ref and

-- DonMcCoskrie - 19 Mar 2007

Not sure what you mean, when new headends are created we use the existing postcodes and you just select which lineup suits your location.

-- PetesTrash - 19 Mar 2007

Ok, following on from the extra information you now have given, the problem is a New Zealand image/emulator issue not related to the OzTiVo image. In Australia we have one postcode for each state, then any regional line-ups sit under these postcodes. No new codes need to be created for each region. New Zealand could/should do the same thing with their regional headends, perhaps just spliting between 2 postcodes for North and South Island. This way if a new line-up needs to be created for a regional area all the work is done at the emulator and no command line work on the users TiVo. This wouldn't effect the current postcodes now being used.

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

It might also be a good idea to implement a Screen Saver if one has not already been included.

  • I think there is currently a timeout default of 10 mins on the TiVo menus, so that if it is left on a menu it will switch to live TV to prevent burn-in. -- NickJ - 22 Feb 2006

Default 10 min still used for 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

From TivoZA, suggestion on the list for DialConfig127 (ref: ), as follows:

suggestion is to add the following line to the '/etc/rc.d/' file: /hack/bin/DialConfig127US.tcl

The reason for adding it there is on occasion (not always) when performing a C&DE the DialConfig setting in the /State/PhoneConfig gets cleared. This is fixed by running DialConfig127US.tcl script but for users who don't have network access (i.e. using the dial-up modem option) there is no way for them to run this script. Having this script run at each boot doesn't seem to have any side effects and wouldn't really make any changes unless the DialConfig value was not longer set to 127 in which case you would want to update it.

Update By TivoZA: I see that in the '/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit' file the above suggestion is already handled by the below line so there is no need to make the above change.
dbsetx /State/PhoneConfig DialConfig 127

Not needed as handled by rc.sysinit

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Maybe include patch to rtimetz from Martijn van Oosterhout, as per . Patch is here:

-- NickJ - 30 Oct 2005


-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

I know this request isn't needed by the ozTivo community but for the other communities (TivoZA, nzTivo) already using the ozTivo image the following changes would really be great. These changes would allow our users to use the ozTivo installation as is without needing to make any special changes to fix clock warping or access to the emulator (aside from commenting in and out in

In, comment out the following line:
emuProxy2 -s &
and replace it with (assuming you decide to use emuProxyZA):

emuProxyZA -s & #ozTivo emulator
#emuProxyZA -s & #TivoZA emulator
#emuProxyZA -s & #nzTivo emulator: Original
#emuProxyZA -s & #nzTivo emulator: Orac

Making the above changes allows users of other emulators to easily comment out the first line and uncomment their relevant guide provider.

Adding the following lines to '/etc/postcodezones' would prevent clock warping without causing any problems for the ozTivo community, do bear in mind that they need a tab between the code and the location not the space the html shows below:
27000 Africa/Johannesburg
64000 Pacific/Auckland
02113 Pacific/Auckland
02115 Pacific/Auckland
02116 Pacific/Auckland

I have checked the above postal codes against the existing ones in '/etc/postcodezones' and there are no conflicts.

These changes would very much be appreciated, by all 2 communities. If you have any question or would like to discuss these changes please feel free to post them on the following forum topic:

-- TivoZA - 21 Oct 2005 -- ZollyMonsta - 31 Oct 2005

For my 2 cents, I'd suggest the following course of action:

  • Include the emuProxyZA binary (download: ) in the /hack/bin/ directory of our images, as well as the appropriate emuProxy2 or emuProxy3 binary.
  • Leave the current default in /etc/rc.d/ as emuProxy2/3.
  • Include the commented out lines in /etc/rc.d/ for running emuProxyZA (all 4 four lines, including ozTivo).
  • Include the 5 extra lines in /etc/postcodezones

What this gets you:

  • The downside (in terms of bandwidth cost) of including both binaries is miniscule (emuProxyZA is an extra 17 Kb compressed, 42 Kb uncompressed).
  • It helps the non-OzTivo users (who only have to uncomment the appropriate line in /etc/rc.d/ ).
  • For ozTivo users, if minnie's IP changes, or if a user is behind a weird proxy, then the emuProxyZA option provides a fallback.
  • emuProxyZA gets tested and debugged by the tivoZA and nzTivo guinea-pigs^H^H^H^H^H^H users.
  • The postcodezones should not have any effect on ozTivo users.

I.e.: This gets you no downside, and all the upside. -- NickJ - 24 Jan 2006

The Postcodes were added to 1.6.1 along with choice of emulator

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Maybe modify Tim Kleingeld's emuProxy program to remove the space after the HTTP/1.0 in the tivo's web communication? (Ref: )

-- NickJ - 14 Oct 2005

Solution: emuProxyZA is a modified version of emuProxy2 (including the HTTP/1.0 fix). It has many additional features including: the ability to access the emulator via a DNS address, specify the amount of days worth of guide data to download, truncate the mlog.cgi request when svclog is too large. The latest download, full source code and a list of all the new features is available at:

With emuProxyZA the following change could be made to the setting in the /etc/rc.d/ emuProxyZA -s &

This would also greatly help the nzTivo community who occasionally change their IP address. The TivoZA community is already running with emuProxyZA as they use it to access their emulator which is running on a shared server. The Tivo Canada community also uses emuProxyZA to enable their series 1 boxes to access Tivo Central, Tivo Inc now support Canada but not the series 1 boxes due to the alpha-numeric postal codes.

-- TivoZA - 19 Oct 2005

As per message to the list ( ), there is also an updated version of emuproxy with the space fix and two other fixes here:

-- NickJ - 30 Oct 2005

emuProxyZA now standard on the image 1.6.2, but others can be enabled if desired

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Two daily cron jobs to call ntpdate - once at 2:05 am, and the other at 3:05 am. (please see )

-- NickJ - 04 Oct 2005

Think that this can be done with: "nano /hack/etc/crontab", and append these three lines to the end of that file:

# Run ntpdate twice per day (at 2:05 AM & 3:05 AM) to keep time accurate. 5 2 * * * ntpdate -v 5 3 * * * ntpdate -v 

-- NickJ - 24 Jan 2006

Running it daily is not needed, just on Sunday's would be enough (overkill even) -- PetesTrash - 02 Aug 2006

cron to run fixtivotime twice on Sunday mornings has been added to 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Have a wrapper(?) for tivoweb that allows better command line control, something like the following.

[TiVo [p0] /var/hack/tivoweb-tcl]# tivoweb [command]

Where [command] may be:

start - Starts Tivoweb if stopped.
stop - Stops tivoweb if running.
restart - Restarts Tivoweb.
help - Shows this help.

-- MartinElliott - 06 Aug 2005

These are already available through tivoweb(plus) web interface

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

MFS_FTP - Update: 1.2.5 is WAY out of date & shouldn't be included in any image. using it is fine - but there were a lot of fixes between 1.2.5 & 1.2.9. do yourself a favor & install the latest ver from the dd thread

-- Riley

There seem to be problems with the license included in MFS_FTP 1.2.9 . Please see

-- NickJ - 11 Oct 2005

Not sure why Riley suggested this as he won't allow mfs_ftp to be inlcuded in the image. So mfs_ftp is not included

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Updated version of Palmod from Ed, as per: (note: need to clarify if new Palmod will work with Darren's latest hardware) -- NickJ - 21 Jan 2006

Done 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Replace endpadplus with the latest endpad, it is much more flexible and is stable. -- PetesTrash - 02 Aug 2006

Done 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Display the OzTivo version number at bootup? See (note command should be /etc/oztivo_version , not /etc/oztivo-version). -- NickJ - 13 Jun 2006

Done 1.6.2 -- I would also like to suggest that the following TivoWeb modules (which are also compatible with TivoWebPlus) be added to the next version:

Manual Record (v0.2.4) Channel Grid (v0.1.7)

This is also a fairly handy module for checking for gaps in your guide data:
EPG Check Lite(v1.0.3)

And if TWP is being used then this fix could be applied. -- Bug fix for TivoWeb "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" when going TivoWeb -> User Interface -> Channel Guide -> All, as per one line fix at from David Symons.

Note that you need to reboot in order for the above one-line fix to take effect.

-- NickJ - 12 Dec 2005 --

These problems should be covered by the inclusion of Thomson's version of TiVoWebPlus in the next revision. -- PetesTrash - 20 Jun 2006

Thomsons TWP now included and loaded as standard on 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Possible minor typo bug affecting UK tivos reported by Quinten Uijldert on the mailing list (please see: )

DONE in v1.5

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Requesting the Palmod 3410D files for the "Mark 2" stereo decoder please be included in the next image ( Please see Darren King's email for more info: . Note that the "modified palmod can also be used on stock unmodified motherboards and will auto detect the type of Micronas chip fitted and switch accordingly".

Done in v1.5

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Here it the link to the autospace module

DONE in BETA - in subdir. mv to modules dir if you want it. NOW live in 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

update the Cachecard drivers to at least v2.2

DONE in BETA - will not post version here because silicon dust is checked with each new build

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Update the boot image to reflect the true Oztivo revision number to help troubleshoot newbies.

DONE in BETA - Thanks to those of you for your submissions, but the original artist has blessed us with a new version

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Remove duplicates of shows shown several times a day where poor guide data does not allow the 28 day rule to operate.


-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Edit the startup script via TivoWeb

A TivoWeb module to let you edit the startup script without using joe, remounting partitions, chmodding files etc.

Included in TWP 1.6.2

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Set the Tivo to "don't save disk space" (in setup), so that images aren't excessively blocky. (requested by Indulis)

NOT EASY. This setting is done per source. e.g. AFTER GS is done. Please make it a tip

-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

Have the image boot up turbonet or cachecard driver depending on what you have installed. Even if it is an old driver, at least have one loaded so that the tivo could be networked straight away and new driver installed through telnet if required.


-- PetesTrash - 20 Mar 2007

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-- AndrewJ - 17 Feb 2004
-- PetesTrash - 13 May 2004-03 Jun 2008
-- IndulisBernsteins - 29 May 2004
-- TivoZA - 19 Oct 2005

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