Known Issues for Release 1.6 OzTiVo Image

This document lists the fixes applied to each 1.6 OzTiVo Image, and any problems found after the release of the image. The current release is v1.6.2 of the OzTiVo image dated 4th of June 2008, i.e. 1.6.2-20080604. There have been further bug fixes since the CD image was released. To make sure you are running the latest installer, select update installer from the menu after you have booted the install CD. And once you have set up your TiVo and re-booted at least once, then run the update_oztivo -y command to update to the latest release.

Please add new issues to the top of the list as you find them, and please include your signature and date.

OzTiVo version 1.6.2-20080604

Known Oustanding Issues (assuming you have run the update command from the install menu, and update_oztivo -y on the TiVo itself)

Kernel errors during creation of boot-image.

I've created the install disk for 1.6.2-20080604. Managed to run step 1 (update), 2 (select disk) but when running step 3 (restoring image) uncompressing does not go further then 377Mb. Kernel errors appear and the process get stuck. Strangely everytime I run it, there are different Kernel errors, but always at 377Mb.

During the boot up process, a warning does occur:
Kernel-module version mismatch \cloop.0 is compiled for 2.4.27 but is 2.4.33-uc3.

Although not required, Formatted disc (NTFS due to size), and used an old DELL Optiplex GX240. It worked straight away. The models I had problems with was a DELL Optiplex GX150, a DELL Dimension 3100 (could be because is SATA based device) and a "no known brand".

-- ReneMusters 23 Dec 2008

There does appear to be a lack of support for some Dell mainboards, we hope this will improve in future releases.

-- PetesTrash - 23 Dec 2008

Startup animation distorted

When the opening video plays the animation is distorted and loses sound.

03/12/06 I now have a fix for the broken start-up video.

These instructions are for use only on Philips based OzTiVo images.

This is not for use on UK Thomson based OzTiVo image's as they are not affected by the broken start-up video problem (as far as I’m aware). But can be run on UK Thomson OzTiVo's using the OzTiVo Philips image.

For Sony based OzTiVo images see the note at the end of these instructions.

1. Download from (here).

2. FTP to /var/hack on your OzTiVo

3. Enter the following address into a browser, where the x's are your OzTiVo's IP:

4. Click on the line that starts with 'LongOpen.mpv'

5. Take a note of the Number next to ' File ', it should be 1507 (If it's not DO NOT CONTINUE, also do not be confused by the object number which is 1506. Please email me with the number you see and the revision of OzTiVo software you are running).

6. You can now close your browser and open a Telnet session.

7. Enter the following commands into Telnet. It's safe to cut and paste the commands if you like. (If you had a different number to 1507 in step 5, replace 1507 with your number in the following !!ONLY!! if I have adivsed it is ok to use it. If you enter an incorrect number you will end up in a reboot loop and have re-image your TiVo.).

NOTE: The inflating step will take a minute or so (it hasn't frozen).

[TiVo [p1] ~]# cd /var/hack
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]# unzip
  inflating: LongOpen.mpv
  inflating: mfs_import
  inflating: mfs_uberexport
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p0] /var/hack]# chmod +x mfs*
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]# ./mfs_uberexport 1507 > LongOpen.mpv.orig
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]# ./mfs_import 1507 < LongOpen.mpv
starting mfs_import with args:
./mfs_import 1507
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p0] /var/hack]# reboot
After you are happy with the new movie, Telnet back into your OzTiVo and delete some of the files as they are quite large and if /var ever becomes full up it may cause issues with your OzTiVo.
[TiVo [p1] ~]# cd /var/hack
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p0] /var/hack]# rm
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]# rm LongOpen*
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]#
[TiVo [p1] /var/hack]# exit

NOTE: For Sony Based OzTiVo images:

These instructions also probably work on Sony based OzTiVo images, but use a different file name & number, usually S_LongOpen.mpv & 1593 (If it's not DO NOT CONTINUE. Please email me with the number you see and the revision of OzTiVo software you are running). If you enter an incorrect number you will end up in a reboot loop and have re-image your TiVo. you will need to rename the new file before loading it. One known side effect is the end of the opening video finishes with the Philips background, not the Sony one. This is not a problem and as soon as the menu comes up the correct Sony background would be shown. Some people may not like the jump from one background to another.

-- PetesTrash - 03 Dec 2006

Front IR Blaster not working on UK TiVo's Running the Philips Image

We have only just recently realised that this is an issue for UK TiVo's running the Philip's image.

For some reason the Philips image defaults to having the in built IR Blaster disabled when installed on UK TiVo's.

None of the people that look after the images have a UK TiVo, so this issue has not been corrected.

At this stage, apart from working out how to enable the IR Blaster youself, you have 2 options. Either use external IR senders, or change to the UK image.

Most people just use external IR senders.

-- PetesTrash - 24 Apr 2008

Install issues with some PC's- connection to Oztivo fails, no prompt via serial terminal

On some PCs, the install CD fails to write out some configuration files correctly, preventing the OzTiVo's network connection from working at boot time and also preventing access to the TiVo via the serial port. It is possibly related to disk I/O problems with certain IDE controllers, and DMA with these controllers. It seems to be worse on new, large, fast disks- the problem was not there on a Maxtor 9GB disk, but was seen on a Western Digital 120GB disk. If you have the problem, the TiVo will seem to boot up OK, but will fail with a "no dial tone" error when it tried to connect to the Oztivo server. You will also not be able to connect to a bash shell prompt using the serial line into the TiVo, even though you can access the initial TiVo boot menu from your serial terminal (i.e. by pressing Enter within the first seconds of the TiVo booting and using factory as the password).

Here is a workaround (that may or may not work for you):

  1. Use a small, older hard disk for the install, using the normal Oztivo installer and the normal install process. Make sure that you use the "Update Oztivo installer" option before you install the image.
  2. Install the small disk into the Tivo and test it to make sure that you can dial OzTivo OK. You don't have to complete the whole setup process at this point in time, but you might as well. Once this has finished, shut the TiVo down, and remove the small disk.
  3. Obtain the from and burn a CD using this image.
  4. Install both the small disk and your large disk into your PC. Disconnect all other hard disks, leave the CD drive connected.
  5. Make sure that one disk is set up to be the IDE "master" and the other is set up to be the "slave". Your disk will have the jumper settings to do this printed on it, or the information will be on the manufacturers web site. In this example we are assuming the small disk is the master on the primary IDE channel ( /dev/hda) and the new big disk is the slave on the same channel ( /dev/hdb).
  6. Boot the Mfstools CD. Type in "nodma" as the boot option. Once it has booted check the disk names using fdisk -l (that is a lowercase L). You will see the device names, and be able to tell which is the larger disk by the number of cylinders.
  7. Time to transfer the working Oztivo image onto the big disk! This is the command you need to use (if your disks are different device names substitute these as appropriate, for me small was /dev/hda and large was /dev/hdb).
    mfstool backup -o - /dev/hda | mfstool restore -x -r 4 -i - /dev/hdb
  8. Wait until it has finished. Run the shutdown -h now command. Remove your disks from your PC and install the large disk into your TiVo. That should do it! Don't forget to turn off the TiVo's "save disk space" option.

Problems Fixed or Not Going to be Fixed

The trickey_menu file is lacking execute permissions so fails when called from the trickey key combination.

[TiVo [p0] /hack/bin]# ls -l trickey_menu
-r--r--r-- 1 0 0 1477 Jun 8 03:49 trickey_menu

[TiVo [p0] /var/log]# cat trickey.log
ShowMenu: CLEAR,NUM0,CLEAR EXEC /hack/bin/trickey_menu &
sh: /hack/bin/trickey_menu: Permission denied

Needs a "chmod 777 /hack/bin/trickey_menu" or similar to fix it.

-- ScottHarding - 04 Aug 2008

This has been fixed on the rsync server, just run the update_oztivo -y command to update.

-- PetesTrash - 23 Dec 2008

Update_OzTiVo script pointing to Minnie

The update_oztivo script that is provided in the ISO image is pointing to Minnie

> rsync -rvltpD

Any drives imaged from the ISO and not updated before Minnie was shutdown will report an error when this script is attempted to be executed:

> @ERROR: Unknown module 'oztivo_1.6'
> rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at
> /usr/src/tivo/rsync-2.6.7/main.c(1296) [receiver]

-- AndrewRoughan - 7 Sep 2009

This should be fixed on the server now. A new version of update_oztivo will be loaded when you update through the installer (the installer version number will not change though).

If you want to update your already imaged TiVo, change to the top-level directory by doing cd / then enter the following commands:

>rsync -rv .

Don't forget the space then dot on the end of the command!

This will pick up the new update_oztivo and other updates.

That command should be run on the TiVo itself just after the GS has been completed, but before you make any other manual file system changes (most people don't anyway).

Running rsync this way will not take into account any files you may not want changed. This is safe on a newly built TiVo, but you may lose your customisations if used on a TiVo that has had some of the files modified by hand.

The alternative is just to fix the IP address in update_oztivo on your TiVo.

Find all instances of and change to

-- PetesTrash - 9 Sep 2009

Missing NZ postcodes

I tested postcode 02112 with ozTivo 1.6.2 in Christchurch, New Zealand (FTA with PAL tuner) - it worked fine. However, 02123 did not work properly - all of the channels were mapped wrong. I am not sure if this is a problem with the image or the NZ emulator.

-- BrainStain - 22 Aug 2007

This would mean 02123 is not setup on the NZ emulator. There are only a few postcodes loaded. -- PetesTrash - 02 Sep 2007

Timing settings for turbonet do not work in nic_config_tivo

There were some mistakes in the code, and any change of timing still leaves the timing set at 3. I have fixed the code and uploaded to rsync so it can be picked up by update_oztivo.

-- PetesTrash - 10 Feb 2007 script error

The cause of the following error appearing in the kernel log

Jan  1 00:00:43 (none) kernel: Starting TurboNet
Jan  1 00:00:43 (none) kernel: /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit: [: missing `]'
Jan  1 00:00:43 (none) kernel: turbonet driver version 20050218
is line 34 in version 1.5 of /etc/rc.d/
     if [ -z $timing]; then timing=3; fi
should be
     if [ -z $timing ]; then timing=3; fi

There should be no impact because of this error as $timing usually contains a value (set in /etc/oztivo.conf)

-- AndrewRoughan - 20 Dec 2006

This error has been corrected in v1.6 22/12/06. The updated file will be used if you choose the update command from the installer menu when setting up your disc.

-- PetesTrash - 22 Dec 2006


Fixed Using PPP over the serial port, networking using the internal modem, & shell on the serial port.The installer has been modified to warn the user that OzTiVo does not encourage the use of the internal modem as it is not an approved device, and that the user takes all responsibility if they decide to use it.

Installer looking for mkswap in wrong location

The installer script is looking for mkswap in /sbin/ instead of /tivobin/. The result is that installations that require swap space >127MB (the default) will not be setup correctly. There are a couple of ways to workaround this:

workaround 1) Use the 'Update' command before performing the restore. This will attempt to obtain the latest installation script which fixes the problem.

workaround 2) After performing a restore using the installer, exit from the menu and manually execute the following command:

/tivobin/mkswap -v1 -S /dev$device$swappart 
where $device is set to where the primary disk is mounted (for me it is /hda) and $swappart is set to 8 (therefore I entered: '/tivobin/mkswap -v1 -S /dev/hda8')

-- AndrewRoughan - 27 Nov 2006

OzTiVo Image 1.6.1-20061030

Known Issues

At 30th of October 2006, there are 4 unresolved problems:

  • Networking using PPP over the serial port does not work.
  • Networking using the internal modem does not work.
  • On some fast-CPU PCs, the install CD fails to write out some configuration files correctly, preventing the OzTiVo's network connection from working at boot time.
  • No shell is started on the serial port. There are no fixes to these problems yet.

Problems Fixed

  • Updated emuProxyZA with new binary executable to fix the mlog problem. emuProxyZA is be the default but can be easily changed by the user.

  • Display the image version on the install menu welcome screen.

  • Changed rc.sysinit to fix bug that was stopping cachecard.o being loaded.

  • Changed so that parameters to programs (endpad, emuProxyZA) are now in their own config files.

  • Changed so that what programs get started up is controlled by an external file. There is a "default" config file (read-only), plus a file to allow users to override the defaults.

  • Changed rc.sysinit to also run any commands in rc.sysinit.local. This allows users to put their own stuff in. rc.sysinit.local will never be included or updated by future images.

  • Fixed the duplicate string in the new Guided Setup messages.

  • Added the "-n" flag to update_oztivo, and prettified the OSD text display.

  • Rewrote report_ipaddress so that it tries 20 times (spaced by 30 seconds) to get the IP address, ignoring the value.

  • Added bufferhack32a to, but left it off by default.

  • Verified that k9tivo (NTP broadcast client) and ccxstream (send video to Xbox) are on the image but are off by default.

  • Added fixtivotime to image, and put in a cron entry at 2:05am.

  • Put touch /var/timestamp into force_index.tcl, added it as a trickey command and also as a cron job.

  • Put fixtivotime in as a cron job at 2:05am.

  • Added time/date on end of report_ipaddress.

  • Added Alan Cramer's trickey scripts.

  • Updated TivoWebPlus to the latest version, and made it the default. OzTiVoWeb is still there, but not as the default.

  • Put warning message in ISO menu script, telling users not to use cachecard install CD.

  • Changed '100Mbit Wired NIC + RAM' on the network install menu to '100Mbit Wired NIC + Optional RAM'.

  • Updated /etc/oztivo_version.

OzTiVo Image 1.6-20061014

Problems Fixed

The problems with the /etc/postcodezones file was fixed. The EmuProxyZA problem was supposedly fixed, but a further issue with it arose.

Known Issues

Misconfigured EmuProxy

The default in-built web proxy, EmuProxyZA, was broken. Despite the fix against the previous 1.6 image, the broken web proxy caused OzTiVos to download all available slices on each Daily Call, slowing down the indexing of data and in some cases preventing data from being indexed. The configuration was fixed on 20 Oct 2006, and users with a 1.6 image installed can run the update_oztivo command to update their image; see UpgradeOzTiVoImage for details.

OzTiVo Image 1.6-20060927

This was the first release of the 1.6 image.

Known Issues

Misconfigured EmuProxy

The default in-built web proxy, EmuProxyZA, was misconfigured. This caused OzTiVos to download all available slices on each Daily Call, slowing down the indexing of data and in some cases preventing data from being indexed. The configuration was fixed on 14 Oct 2006, and users with a 1.6 image installed can run the update_oztivo command to update their image; see UpgradeOzTiVoImage for details.

Badly Formatted Postcodes File

The file /etc/postcodezones was badly formatted, with spaces instead of tabs. This prevented some OzTiVos from setting their clock during a Daily Call, resulting in a "warped clock" and failure to index guide data. The file was fixed on 5 Oct 2006, and users with a 1.6 image installed can run the update_oztivo command to update their image; see UpgradeOzTiVoImage for details.

Known Issues for Release 1.5 OzTiVo images

Installer may have issues with dual large (250+)hard drives and some motherboards.

Brian reported to the mailing list today 22/5/6, that he had problems imaging a pair of Samsung drives (250+300) using the installer. The process was successful but would not boot pass the maintenance screen. To resolve the problem Brian booted his PC with only one of the drives attached and loaded the image to that drive. He then shutdown the PC added the 2nd drive and used the installer to add them together.

At this stage we are unsure if it's an issue with the installer or just a compatability issue with the motherboard Brian was using. We know the installer works with <200gb dual drives, we just have to wait to hear if any others have problems with larger drives.

-- PetesTrash - 22 May 2006

Norfolk Island Timezone missing from /etc/postcodezones

As we now have members from Norfolk Island, please add '02899 Pacific/Norfolk' to /etc/postcodezones.

-- PetesTrash - 12 May 2006

'restore successful' reported even when it was not.

With a locked drive the image restore is reported as successful even when it is not. Confusing for a new user who doesn't realise that a progress indicator should be displayed, and it should take a few minutes for the ~800Mb to be copied.

-- JohnMcKirdy - 01 Feb 2006

Not much can be done about this. The restore successful message is based on the fact that the externally called mfsrestore doesn't return an error code, because it doesn't notice the drive is locked.

Upgrade Palmod to the latest version (v3.2.1)

Update Palmod to the latest version, to fix some bugs:

  • palmod: missing/incorrect frequencies (36,37,38)
  • palmod_config: a few minor menu issues - numbering

See for more information.

-- DennisvO - 23 Jan 2006

UK OzTiVo's do not work with current image

The scartctl.tcl command needs to be placed in the background by appending an & to the line found near the bottom of the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit script. Without this all the stuff in never gets started... things such as the emuProxy2, FTP, cron, TivoWeb, etc

-- ThomsonTiVo - 07 Jan 2006

This is a serious error. If not corrected the OzTiVo cannot be setup as it can't contact the server.

See for detailed steps to fix this issue.

-- PetesTrash - 21 Jun 2006

Splashscreens contain wrong version-number

The current splashscreens display versionnumber 1.4, while they should say 1.5. This is caused by the inavailability of the original splashscreens during the release. New splashscreens need to be included. Splashscreens can be found here: or in our uploads directory

-- DennisvO - 19 Dec 2005

OzTiVoWeb 'Interface -> Channel Guide -> All' error

In OzTiVoWeb I get an error when I view the page:

User Interface -> Channel Guide -> All

Fixed by editing the file /hack/tivoweb-tcl/modules/ui.itcl changing this line:

set logoindex [dbobj $station get ${varname}oIndex] 

to this:

set logoindex [dbobj $station get LogoIndex] 

-- DennisvO - 19 Dec 2005

OzTiVoWeb ui.itcl file is not operational

I noticed that the 'User Interface' option wasn't appearing in TivoWeb.

My googling then found that this is a known error:

I managed to fix the problem by using a copy of ui.itcl from a previously installed OzTivo image.

This is probably related to what DennisvO discovered, but is even worse.

-- JohnRotenstein - 10 Jan 2006

Typo in trickey config

The following is a typo in /hack/etc/trickey.conf

# This one will display IP address of TiVo ShowIP   CLEAR,NUM1,CLR   2   newtext2osd -s 15 -t "`ifconfig $DYNAMIC_NET_DEV | sed 's/.*addr:\([0-9.]*\).*/\1/;t;d'`" 
...should be "CLEAR,NUM1,CLEAR" not "CLEAR,NUM1,CLR". Suggest the latest version of the trickey.conf file be used -

-- ScottHarding - 16 Jan 2006

Feature requests

The following features/updates might or might not make it in the next release. This depends on the outcome of discussions in the mailinglist.

Update OzTiVoWeb to OzTiVoWebPlus

Since OzTiVoWebPlus is actively being maintaind and OzTiVoWeb is not, it seems logical to update OzTiVoWeb (which is being currently used in the images) to OzTiVoWebPlus. A TWP bundle suitable for the OzTivo image can be found here:

Please fill in the new features or enhancements of OzTiVoWebPlus...

These changes relate to Thomsons version of TWP for OzTiVo.
Manual thumbs ratings
 reorder season passes
 oztivo version number listed in info module
 clearer menu
 nicer style
 remote is now a photo
'Channel grid' has filters and can also show the todo list
'Info' has extended disc information
'manual record' upgraded from 0.1.4 to 0.2.5, and easier to use.
'Phone Module' improved, less chance of event bug occuring.
Extra themes included
 Season pass also shows wishlists
 nowshowing now shows episode descriptions
 todo now shows episode descriptions & includes blocklist functions
 scheduled suggestions now shows episode descriptions & includes blocklist functions
 deleted shows now shows episode descriptions & channel
 recording history now shows episode descriptions & includes filtering functions
 Whats on now includes a new episode filter.

-- Main.PetesTrash - 12 May 2006

-- DennisvO - 19 Dec 2005

don't forget to bump the version details in /etc/oztivo_version

Not sure if you are aware but the current version info is stored in /etc/oztivo_version. TiVoWebPlus uses this to display the version info, also helps knowing which exact download people are using when troubleshooting

-- PetesTrash - 12 May 2006

Update Endpadplus to endpad 1.5.1

This version allows setting different padding times based on time of day, station, name of programme and other combinations. It can also handle the way of softpadding in a more intelligent way.

A copy of this new version can be found in the upload section of minnie:

-- DennisvO - 19 Dec 2005

Check the version of the streaming software in the image

A new version of tytools has been released ( Check whether anything can and/or should be updated on the OzTiVo-side.

-- DennisvO - 19 Dec 2005

Closed Issues

The following issues are not really resolved, but not being investigated.

Opening video issues

27/7/05 - No more investigating into video. The NTSC video will stay, which breaks up at the end, due audio/video getting out of sync in PAL mode. The PAL video will not be used, because it's not from a clean image, and has extra video on the end. If someone can provide a PAL version without this, it will be used. Until then, this issue is closed. -- SimonQuigley

19/4/2005 - Video now plays well, but sound breaks up. This was decided to be the best compromise.

1/4/2005 - Video now plays properly but breaks up at end and has extra footage shown. We replaced the NTSC video with a PAL version.

22/2-31/3/2005 - The video and sound breaks up when playing. This is a known problem playing the NTSC video on a PAL system.

-- PetesTrash

PPP over serial does not start after loading a fresh image and selecting pppondss through the installer menu.

There is a config fix for this, I'll have to update the install menu (update by Simon).

This was due to setpri being put in rc.sysinit along with the oztivo networking hacks that tried both ppp over serial and serial bash. The installer deprecates that, so there is a new section in rc.sysinit to set up networking. If you enable pppondss, it now runs at 57600 instead of 115200 -Ed

27/7/05 I (Simon) have tested this myself, and I'm unable to replicate the issue that Pete sees. I can image a disk, and immediately select PPPonDSS, and have the configuration file modified correctly.

I suspect it's something to do with the hardware being used to image the disks, I'm not investigating this further, since I can't cause the problem to occur.

If someone else complains of the same thing, then I'll consider looking at the issue again, and perhaps introducing some delays in between mounting the disk and writing the configuration file.

24/05/05 Today's version still requires the proceedure from 01/04/05 for it to work -PetesTrash

20/05/05 Today's version won't boot, but still requires the above proceedure for pppondss to work -PetesTrash

19/05/05 It's probably to do with the persist settings in the config file, have to investigate - Simon

19/04/05 Some changes have been made, but still requires the above proceedure for it to work -PetesTrash

01/04/05 Today's image now has an added menu item for PPP over serial, but it still does not add the line pppondss=1 to the oztivo.conf file in /etc, so PPP still does not start. Add it manually and it will now work ok -PetesTrash

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with the latest release.

The new report IP mail message does not alway show the IP for DHCP OzTiVo's in R1.4 images released since the Start of March 2005.

Resolved -- DennisvO - 28 Nov 2005

At the end of February the networking part of the boot sequence was updated which means that the whole boot process is now faster. Too fast for the DCHP server to allocate an IP before the mail message is sent - petestrash 28/5/5

We have fixed this by modifing the mail message generator to wait 2 minutes after boot to send the message. Just replaced the existing report_ipaddress file that resides in /hack/bin with the one uploaded to

Splash screen not working correctly with cachecard

Resolved -- DennisvO - 28 Nov 2005

When booting with a cachecard, the oztivo splash comes up for a sec then is replaced by the Cachecard splash, which is correct. But when the cachecard splash is finished, you now only get a black screen instead of the oztivo splash until the movie plays. This does not cause any problems only an appearance issue - Petestrash 28/5/5

Fixed by editing /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit and adding the following bolded line:

echo "Splash the screen..."  osdwriter /tvbin/PromScreen2Version7.$TV_STD.png  if [ -f /etc/cachecard ] ; then insmod -f /lib/modules/cachecard.o cachectl -t *osdwriter /tvbin/PromScreen2Version7.$TV_STD.png* fi 

Sound support for the 3410D sound processor as used in the "Mark 2" stereo decoder when fitting the internal PAL tuner.

Resolved -- DennisvO - 28 Nov 2005

This issue is only a problem if you have had your PAL tuner modification done after July 2005. If you had your modification done before this date and you have the stereo decoder installed as an add-on board on top of the tuner module this does not apply to you. For all modifications after July 2005 a new sound chip is installed that requires a modified version of palmod.o and palmod_config files for any sound to be heard properly instead of a strange "helicopter" or "outboard motor" sound effect.

The issue is resolved by upgrading to the latest version of Palmod (v3.2). This version seems to handle the different Micronas-chipsets correctly.

Back to: F.A.Q

-- AndrewJ - 28 Mar 2005
-- PetesTrash - 28 Mar 2005
-- DennisvO - 19 Dec 2005
-- IndulisBernsteins - 01 Jul 2007

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