What Needs Doing For the OzTiVo Community?

Here is a list of things that need doing on a daily basis (for updating TV Guide Data), or a weekly basis, or less frequently.

Updating of TV Guide Data

TV guide "slices" are made for the Australian OzTiVos every day. Most of the data (for S3 in Australia) has been uploaded about four days in advance (as of 2018). Updating the guide data after it has been uploaded (in cases were TV stations change their minds about what will be broadcast when, less than 4 days beforehand) is (as of 2018) a manual process. If you are willing to help with this task, see http://forums.oztivo.net/showthread.php?2868-Looking-for-volunteers-to-update-local-guide-data to find details of how to go about it.

Cleaning and Augmenting The Guide Database

The guide data that is uploaded goes into a Guide Database. We need volunteers to go through the database, get rid of any cruft, and add extra information such as episode descriptions, TV ratings and genres. The guide data currently uploaded (as of early-mid 2018) does not include details about which episode of a series is showing, or include descriptions for new shows (since 2017), unless this has been augmented/updated manually by volunteers.

The genre (or category) of each program affects the OzTiVo Suggestions as well as your ability to search for different types of programs.

Keeping the Twiki Up to Date

If you see information in the twiki that is out of date or incorrect, please update it so that other people don't get wrong information. If you are new to OzTiVo, then it's also a good idea to post something on oztivo forums about the change, so that others can verify the details for you.

Gathering info

The Series 3 genres don't always seem to line up between the oztivo database and what is displayed on an actual Series 3 tivo. It would be great if someone could make a comprehensive list with the correspondence between genre names (and genre groups) in oztivo database versus what appears on tivo. Hopefully an oztivo admin could then use that list to work out how to fix genre names.

Specialised Things

These things need specialised skills, knowledge and/or access.

Streamline Guide Updating

Improve the content of the automated guide differences emails, so it is more appropriate for this purpose than just diff -u output format, and so timing differences of 1 or 2 minutes can be skipped if desired. After that, maybe also investigate whether some of the simple differences (like when the only change is duration) can be automated.

New Stations

Work out how to add new stations (like Prime 7 HD - see http://forums.oztivo.net/showthread.php?2858-Prime7-HD-EPG-data-(Channel-60)&p=18642#post18642 and http://forums.oztivo.net/showthread.php?2862-Summary-of-Regional-Channels-with-missing-guide-data&p=18646#post18646 )

Support many postcodes

As of early 2018, only about ten postcodes are supported (mainly only state or territory capital CBD postcodes). (FIXME: insert link to supported postcode list). Work out how to support thousands of postcodes so people can use their actual postcode in Guided Setup.

Split lineups

Set up multiple lineups for Australian areas (probably State based initially), instead of just using a single lineup for all of Australia (as has been done since about October 2017).

Move S3 guide to www.oztivo.net

Currently the S3 guide production is on a temporary VM (which was just supposed to be for testing), it should be moved to www.oztivo.net (and the S3 database merged with the S1 database).

Migrate twiki to www.oztivo.net

FIXME: insert link here to twiki page on migrating twiki.

Code bug fixes

Bug: When you use Add Gap in TVGuide, the second gap place-holder title does not disappear when you click on it.

Also check in PleaseWarren if there is anything still relevant.

Old Things

The following were added before 2008, and are probably not relevant currently at least for Series 3 (post 2017).

Adding and Fixing IR Codes

We rely heavily on OzTiVo users to capture codes for IR devices that are currently unknown by the OzTiVo. There is a IR Database of new codes which you can add to. An IR device is a Video, DVD player or Set top box. The Tivo transmits the IR code for these devices to change channels on the IR device.

For details on how to capture new IR codes, see:

Creating New Regional Lineups

We now have the ability to create lineups (lists of channels in a particular area) for anywhere in Australia. However, not all regions are represented yet. If you live in a region which is not covered, read through the README file in http://www.oztivo.net/oztivofiles/headend_config/ and look at the examples from other regions, and create a suitable lineup file. Then send an e-mail to the OzTiVo mailing list (oztivo@www.oztivo.net.removethisspamstopper) where one of the volunteers will assist you in getting these updates into the OzTiVo Emulator.

Anything Else?

If you can think of anything else that needs doing, please put the details here with appropriate links to other twiki entries.

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-- WarrenToomey - 29 Oct 2004

-- DavidKeegel - 11 Mar 2018 (updates)

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